Thursday, September 30, 2010

Training on a Raining Day

It was a yucky raining day today, it rained all day and night. Luckily, I did not have to go outside for very long and I got a chance to catch up on some stuff I needed to do. One of the things that I got a chance to do was train my dog, Snoopy to retrieve the phone for me in case of a health emergency. That did not take very long because she has already been trained to retrieve other things for me like the remote control, newspaper, socks and slippers. Once she was trained to retrieve a couple of things, any new item I wanted her to retrieve was just a matter of adding a name to it.

Towards the evening I realized how much help my dog was for me today. I have trained her to do a lot of service dog tasks, so I can keep up my training skills and be better able to help other people train their dog. Some of the tasks she did for me I did not really need, but she does not know that and is just happy to do something special that earns her praise and sometimes a treat. She retrieved the weekly newspaper for me after she went potty, which was nice since it was raining. Luckily the newspaper was in a plastic bag, so it was not all wet and soggy. While I was cooking, she alerted me to the oven timer. When I was in one of my rooms she opened the door by pulling on a strap, which I needed because my hands were full. She also helped me with the laundry by retrieving some of our socks and put it into the basket.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cat Feeding Tip

If you always feed your cat dry cat food, you should consider adding at least a couple of teaspoons of wet cat food each day. I also add some water to it and mix it around. Cats do not drink a lot of water and can get serious health problems if they don‘t drink enough clean water daily.

I also give my cats dry cat food because it helps keep their teeth clean.